The Good Earth Quilt 2024

About The Project

The Good Earth Quilt project is funded by South Riverdale Community Health Centre’s Healthy Communities Grant. Through this grant, Arts Intersections Agincourt (AIA) will be able to create a collective environmental action collage called the Good Earth Quilt with the help of a local artist Rachel Hughes. The artist will be using everyone’s art to create a collective art called the “Good Earth Quilt”. This is an extension of 2023's Good Earth Quilt project.

This project allows students to explore the human effects of climate change and to look closely at the Environmental Issues around them. Children will be able to express their feelings and voice their concerns for the environment through the Good Earth Quilt.

The Good Earth Quilt’s objective is to create a visual dialogue and empower elementary school children to express their feelings about the future of the environment and other related social justice issues.

As a collective we can make an impact on the environment. Together we are building a strong and sustainable future.

Thank you to all the schools and community members who have submitted art to AIA for the this project.

Art Submission is now closed.
Our art project on climate action and will be at the 2024 Eco Fair.

About the Artist
Leading the 2024 Good Earth Quilt

Rachel Hughes
Artist and Photographer