AIA Mission Statement

Arts Intersections Agincourt is a parent-led non-profit not-for-profitfor profit organization that promotes the intrinsic values of the arts to families in our community. We are committed to providing access to professional artists and opportunities for creative exploration for parents, children and community members through arts programs, exhibits and workshops. As we encourage arts engagement through families, schools and community settings, we encourage peer support and collaboration while strengthening communication and confidence in all participants.

Our Core Objectives:

  • To support parents in their understanding of the values of the arts as an essential part of their child/children’s development.
  • To connect families and community members across Agincourt in the support of arts education and creative expression.
  • To provide meaningful arts programming for children and families in collaboration with professional artists.
  • To develop strong partnerships with school and community organizations that support increased access to arts experiences.
  • To challenge the barriers to arts experiences by providing accessible arts programming.

AIA Vision Statement

We believe that art is a powerful tool that can change lives. We support the unconventional thinkers, dreamers and doers in our community who are passionate about sharing their creativity to impact society. At the center of our community are children and families. In supporting access and engagement in the arts in families, schools, and community settings, community settings and in families, we believe that we are supporting the development of a healthy and inspired community and society.

Our History & Past Events...

In 2017, Trustee Manna Wong and a group of parents began
the community arts creation process that ultimately led to the creation of AIA.

Proud Recipient of an Honourable Mention of the
2024 Toronto Community Champion Award.